About us

Basketballverse is a real-time basketball
multiplayer with immersive gameplay & awesome digital assets. We’re empowering millions of basketball fans to build their careers in a digital era of basketball. Built by basketball fans for basketball fans!

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Earning Potential

Just as it was in the wild 90s, street ballers play for cash, or to survive.

Each win will generate $BVR in your account. The more you play, train and develop your Baller's career, the more $BVR your wins will bring. Better developed Baller gives you a higher winning probability!


  • Win quick matches; one-off tournaments; leagues; competitive games against your friends
  • Get rewards for reaching milestones (win 10 games in a row, make 5 three-point shots in a row, etc.)
  • Develop the Baller to a top level, sell him for profit or loan out for some passive income
  • Get salary from the team that you play for and get sponsorship payments from the sponsors

Club Manager

Club Manager
  • Win quick matches; one-off tournaments; leagues; competitive games against your friends
  • Strike sponsorship deals with real-world brands and manufacturers, whether for monetary or strategic purposes
  • Get rewards for reaching milestones (win 10 games in a row; reach 10k club Twitter following; etc.)
  • Strengthen Club's image by creating its merchandise and sell it for profit

Arena Owner

Arena Owner
  • Earn from arena rent fees for hosted games
  • Sell advertising space around the arena
  • Rent merchandising space and get a commission from sales

$BVR Token

$BVR token is the main in-game currency and crypto you can use in real life

$BVR token economy greatly enriches the in-game experience. Basketballverse empowers participants to earn real money by playing as a Baller, managing a franchise, or owning an arena to host games and sell merchandise.

The Basketballverse treasury is at the heart of the feedback loop driving demand within our ecosystem. Once live, fees and direct sales in the game’s Metaverse will be deposited in the treasury. Basketballverse treasury will produce revenue from transaction fees collected from the in-game marketplace, NFT sales, consumables, and other initiatives.

Use $BVR

  • To increase your Baller's performance (unlock signature moves & power-ups)
  • To customize your Baller's look (wearable NFTs)
  • To upgrade your arena
  • As league & tournament entry fee
  • To place your ads in the arena and on basketball jerseys
  • As a sponsorship payment to your favorite Club or Baller

Receive $BVR

  • When achieving milestones, winning games, hosting games, finishing seasons in top positions, and multiple other activities
  • As a sponsorship payment

Stake $BVR

  • To establish your own basketball team. You must stake $BVR for as long as the franchise will exist. The better the league, the bigger $BVR amount has to be staked. So just like in real life basketball teams need to have a sizeable budget in order to be eligible for league participation
  • To boost the impact of your power up (faster recovery, longer lasting high energy levels, etc.)
  • To get discounts on various in-game activities

Basketball Ecosystem

This is not a regular basketball game, we're building an entire basketball ecosystem here!

Ecosystem, where basketball fashion, music, and culture meet the business part of the game - star players, coaches, franchises, and arenas. This is a place where you can have fun, become a professional Baller, an MVP, or a legendary GM that makes moves to build a dynasty.

Basketballverse Ecosystem




  • Private alpha testing
  • Game update based on feedback from alpha testers
  • Public gameplay reveal
  • Regular & duel basketball matches development
  • In-game economy testing & update
  • Public beta testing
  • Game update based on feedback from beta testers
  • Baller on-court gameplay development complete
  • Game early access to game assets & token holders


  • New brand identity
  • New website
  • New partnerships with basketball players & brands
  • Basketballverse physical merch


  • IDO (platforms TBA)
  • Game assets presale (platforms TBA)
  • CEX & DEX listings (TBA)


Simon Januškis

Founder, Managing Director

Simon Januškis

Goda Vengrauskaite

Marketing Lead

Goda Vengrauskaite

Xabier, Brave Zebra

Game Producer

Xabier, Brave Zebra

Arturo Grau

Web Developer

Arturo Grau

Brave Zebra

Game Studio

Brave Zebra

Bronius Baniulis

Technology Lead

Bronius Baniulis

Winning just got real

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